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Thank you for your interest in our organization.  Check back often as this site is a work in progress.

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Our Vision:
A simple, fun, riding, social association of like-minded motorcycle enthusiast

Our Motto:
Friends for Fun, Safety & Riding

Our Mission:
To provide to our Membership a fun and social environment that focuses on the love of motorcycling.
To bring the world together around that passion while helping them to be safer and mindful when riding a motorcycle.
To be a family-oriented, non-religious, non-political association, respectful of each other’s beliefs.
Enjoying the ride together with like-minded motorcyclists.

Our Core Values:

FAIRNESS: All issues should stand the test of “is it fair?”

COMMUNICATIONS: The more we share information and communicate about our common love of motorcycling, the more we will all learn and benefit.

TEAMWORK: Working together toward our common vision, motto and mission keeps us focused and gives us the ability to become exceptional.

QUALITY: To be the best we can, treating all the way we would want to be treated, holding each other in highest esteem and respect in all we do.

ATTITUDE: We are each responsible for our own attitude. Strive to be positive, constructive, respectful, enthusiastic and creative in all interactions with members or public to enhance the relationship and promote our motto.

EWMA Team Structure
This is intended only as an example as to what we have envisioned how this new Association will look like.

CEO and President

International Team:
Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Safety/Ride Coordinator, Vice President of Finance

Region Team:
Region Director (RD), Region Safety/Ride Coordinator (RSRC), Region Treasurer

District Team:
District Director (DD), District Safety/Ride Coordinator (DSRC), District Treasurer

Chapter Team:
Chapter Director (CD), Chapter Safety/Ride Coordinator (CSRC), Chapter Treasurer

Note: The Directors would be appointed by the Director above them and the Director would appoint their own Team with approval of the Team above them, like the Chapter SRC would be appointed by the CD with approval of the DSRC and so on.

Each Team will be able to appoint other coordinators as needed, such as Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, Activity Person, or others.  These are merely optional, and names can change.